Helping You Buy The Best Property in South Florida

Ready to buy property in South Florida? Whether you’re buying your first home or looking for a new investment opportunity, Property Place Realty offers you the experience and support you need to make a sound decision.

How We Help Buyers

Led by principal broker Bob Chapin, we help buyers locate the perfect property for their budget, needs, and vision. Here are a few advantages to working with our team.

We Put Your Needs First

As soon as you contact us, we perform a detailed review of your requirements. Everything from the kitchen tiles to the square footage, we take it all in and use it as the foundation for identifying the right property for you.

Personalized Service

Got a question for Bob? Pick up the phone and he’ll answer it. There’s never a middleman or assistant to get through. When you need Bob, give him a call day or night and he’ll be there to answer any questions you have.

Real-Time Subscription Feed

With Property Place Realty, you’ll never miss out on the latest properties. Our clients enjoy easy access to our subscription feed of new listings that meet their criteria guaranteeing you can act fast on new listings. Beat out the competition and get the property you want, with help from us.

Mortgage Assistance

Need help finding the right mortgage or getting a mortgage pre-approval for your property? We can help there too! We offer assistance in locating the right mortgage, so you’re never left out in the cold. Our team supports you in finding the right property and buying it.

Property Inspectors

Finding the right home inspector can be a challenge. At Property Place Realty, we’ve seen it all. In fact, Broker Bob has renovated and flipped countless homes himself and has extensive experience within construction, electrical, and plumbing fields. With no problem telling you exactly how it is, Bob prevents you from wasting money on a failed home inspection or making an offer on a home you don’t want.

We also know the importance of working with an inspector that has the experience and integrity to give you an honest report. That’s why we guide you towards the right professional for your potential home inspection. We make sure you won’t get caught off guard.

Relocation Assistance

Rest easy knowing that we will help with your relocation needs. From storing your items to moving them, we’ll make the move into your new home simple, convenient, and easy. Eliminating the stress of moving is one of our main focuses.

No Transaction Fees—Ever!

While other firms charge substantial fees just for doing business with them, we don’t! We never charge you to do business with us. Forget about document storage fees—we keep your documents for free for five years because the State of Florida requires it. You can rely on us for transparent communication and services.

Ready to Find Your Dream Home in Florida?

First-time buyers, property owners, and families relocating we want to help you. Property Place Realty offers complete support for your home buying experience, from mortgage applications to property searches, and relocation services. Let us help you every step of the way. Contact Bob to find the perfect property in South Florida.

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